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Your eye procedure and what to expect on the day of surgery

On the day of your surgery you may be required to fast. Your Ophthalmologist or Anaesthetist will give you instructions regarding fasting. If you haven’t received these please contact your Ophthalmologist or Anaesthetist direct.

We suggest you wear comfortable, casual clothing. A button-up, open neck shirt or easily removed top is ideal. Gowns are provided for you to wear over your clothing, but please be aware accidental staining from eye preparations can sometimes inadvertently occur.

Should you use a walking stick or frame, please bring it with you on the day. Please also don’t forget to bring any eye drops your Ophthalmologist may have prescribed.

If you are a diabetic and require insulin, please remember to bring your medication with you. You should also check with your Anaesthetist to make sure they do not require you to make any other changes to your medication.

If you have any problems with urinary incontinence please bring any supplies you may need for the duration of your stay.

A secure locker is provided for you store any clothing and belongings but please leave any valuables at home and wear minimal jewellery. A wedding band is permitted.

Street parking is available
Please arrive at the confirmed registration time. Upon arrival our staff will complete your paperwork and you can then relax in our comfortable reception lounge before being taken through to our clinical admission area by one of our specialist staff.

Please note mobile phones shouldn’t be used in the clinical waiting area as their signals may interfere with sensitive electronic medical equipment.

From our clinical admissions area you’ll be taken through to theatre. Your medical records will travel with you so that all staff members caring for you are kept informed of your specific needs. We encourage you to become actively involved in your care and treatment decisions and work closely in partnership with you.

Your rights and responsibilities as a patient.
You have a fundamental right to health care that is respectful, responsive, safe and effective. Likewise, you have an obligation to treat staff and other patients with respect and to provide your health practitioner with all relevant health information. For more details of the Charter click here.

Your privacy is important to us and we have documented our commitment to it in our Patient’s Privacy Statement. For a copy of that statement, click here.

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