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Getting prepared for your surgery at Perth Eye Hospital

Admission to Perth Eye Hospital is arranged by completing a pre-admission form that will be given to you by your doctor. To confirm your admission, please complete this form and forward it to the hospital as soon as possible (at least five days prior to your planned admission).

Send your form to:

Perth Eye Hospital
PO Box 504,
West Perth, WA 6872

If any of the information you have provided changes prior to admission, please notify us as soon as you’re able to (for example, if you develop a cold, diarrhoea, vomiting, a skin infection, etc).

We'll telephone you one or two days prior to surgery to confirm your pre-admission details and let you know what time to arrive. Please make arrangements for someone to bring you to the hospital and collect you after your procedure, generally three to five hours from the time of your arrival. If this presents a challenge for you, please talk to your Ophthalmologist. If you have any queries about your admission, please feel free to call us on (08) 9216 7900.

Information for Carers

We are focussed on ensuring the person you care for has an entirely positive experience and outcome. We aim to make their treatment as easy and stress-free as possible.

To this end, we suggest that you allow a little extra time to come into the hospital with them when they’re admitted and discharged. During admission you may be able to help them to complete the final admission paperwork. Please attend the discharge procedure as you will be given full instructions as how best to care for the patient while they recuperate.

Need a lift?

Together with Perth Eye Hospital, St John Ambulance WA is providing patients with access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation to and from hospital appointments. For more information click here.

Fees and charges

If you have health insurance.

For peace of mind, contact your health fund prior to admission to check whether or not your procedure is covered under your current level of cover and to determine what your fund will pay for. Following your procedure we’ll forward your account to your health fund. Should the fund not cover the full amount you’ll be sent an account for any outstanding money.

If you do not have health insurance

If you’re not covered you will be responsible for any outstanding money and payment will be required upon admission. We accept cash, cheque, Mastercard, Visa and EFTPOS (you may need to first verify your daily EFTPOS withdrawal limit).

PLEASE NOTE: Medicare does not cover our fees.

Your Ophthalmologist and Anaesthetist will send separate accounts for their services.

For more information about getting ready please download our Patient Information Booklet.

For information about how to get to our Hospital, please click here.

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