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Our focus on quality and safety at Perth Eye Hospital

Our healthy obsession with safety and quality is reflected in our approach to:

  • Creating safe environments and systems of work for our staff;
  • Reviewing and improving the performance of our patient safety and quality systems on a continuous basis;
  • Assisting our healthcare professionals to monitor the safety and quality of care they provide; and
  • Ensuring accountability for the safety and quality of care at all levels within our organisation.

We operate under a comprehensive Clinical Governance Framework based on an integrated approach to clinical risk management and continuous quality improvement. This Framework measures four major areas of performance:

  1. Clinical Risk Management (making sure our services are safe and minimising risk of error);
  2. Clinical Effectiveness (making sure that the clinical services we provide are effective);
  3. Effective Workforce (making sure our staff are competent and up-to-date); and
  4. Consumer Participation (involving our patients and carers in their care).

To further demonstrate our commitment to quality, customer-care and satisfaction we have achieved ISO 9001 Certification from International Standards Certifications; we are accredited to NSQHS (National Safety and Quality Health Standards) and are a member of the Australian Day Hospitals Association.


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