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Why Dr Chan chooses PEH for his patients

Why Dr Chan chooses PEH for his patients

We asked Dr Chan why he chooses PEH for his patients;


“Firstly, the highly trained, specialist staff at Perth Eye Hospital make operating there a pleasure. As eye surgery is very different to other surgery – and because Perth Eye Hospital only focuses on eyes – I will not have a nurse in the theatre that doesn't know how to react, or where to locate an extra instrument. The staff also help the patients to feel at ease, and feel special and cared for, which is very important.

Secondly, while other facilities may have one piece of equipment or another, they rarely have all of them in the same place. I have worked internationally and, in my experience, there isn’t a better equipped eye hospital than Perth Eye Hospital. In my opinion, when considering the state-of-the-science equipment available at Perth Eye Hospital, I believe it exceeds the standard of similar facilities in Perth.”

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