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Ros Johnston

Ros Johnston

Ros Johnston joined the Perth Eye Hospital team 11 years ago and divides her time between nursing duties (clinical) and coordinating training and development for all PEH staff (portfolio).

Ros has been nursing since 2005 and first specialised in Ophthalmic Nursing on the wards of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, qualifications in Ophthalmic Nursing and training in Staff Development.

In her clinical role, Ros is involved in all areas but especially enjoys interacting with patients. From working in the theatre or assisting an Anaesthetist; to supporting a nurse who is learning a new skill; planning training opportunities or arranging staffing needs, every day is different.

“During a person’s stay we have the opportunity to talk to patients and learn more about them, including what brought them to us,” she says. “Seeing them experience such a great result, so quickly after surgery, is also always wonderful!”

Ros is part of a dedicated Clinical Leadership Team which is unique to Perth Eye Hospital and sees a team of senior nurses lead and support the hospital’s clinical staff.

“We work as a team to assist one another, problem solve and keep each other motivated and supported,” she explains.

“We also get to put our heads together to create dynamic programs, develop policies and revise continual improvement efforts in a very user-friendly way, which differs to the traditional approach of having one Nurse Manager.” 

The Staff Development role is a natural fit for Ros who enjoys arranging social outings such as staff picnics, baby showers, birthdays and retirement events.

This role sees her plan and deliver a variety of training to all PEH staff – including orientation for new staff, internal and one-on-one, group training and workshops; sending people to a variety of courses and conferences as well as management of clinical staff recruitment.

“I love that I get to see the results of successful training efforts,” she adds. “I also enjoy supporting staff through the various continual improvement activities we develop.”

Ros is particularly proud of the PEH Graduate Nursing Program she helped to create, which began in 2015. Ros manages the program which sees one nurse mentored at Perth Eye Hospital for a 12-month period at a time.

“The program has been a great opportunity for our staff to take on a mentoring role on the floor and support junior nurses,” she reflects.

“It has been wonderful to see the graduate nurses develop their skills as they rotate through different areas of the hospital and get an appetite for Ophthalmic Nursing.”

Away from work Ros has a natural talent for music and other creative pursuits as well as a love for wildlife, travel and the great outdoors, which she shares with her partner who is a Landscape Photographer.


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