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Martin Hadnett

Martin Hadnett

Meet Martin, a dedicated  ‘peoples’ nurse and Perth Eye Hospital team member with a passion for cabaret singing, Scottish kilts, and running. 

Martin Hadnett began his career 42 years ago with the Royal Air Force and worked in the UK, Germany, Cyprus, and the Falkland Islands across many nursing specialities before immigrating to Australia in 2004.
After two years working in the Australian outback, Martin began at the Fremantle Hospital. He says the busy nature of his unit helped prepare him for the intricate nature of the patient care provided at Perth Eye Hospital. 

Martin loves his job – he especially enjoys sharing a joke or a smile with his patients. The soulful crooner that he is will occasionally sing a few bars for our patients after their surgeries – and often they’ll join in or start smiling and laughing! The whole experience, Martin finds, makes the patients feel less anxious and helps to alleviate their worries.

Besides being a proud nurse, Martin is also a member of Perth Eye Hospital’s Grant Advisory Committee – a group put together by Associate Professor Philip House.

He’s always loved supporting charity events and through this committee, it allocates grants to worthwhile local and overseas charities or organisations. 

He also is proud to work in such a supportive, family-friendly and unique organisation, adding that all of the staff at Perth Eye Hospital are “looked after in a way that I have not seen anywhere in my working life”. 
Away from work, Martin enjoys running (he was actually the overall winner for our 2017 pedometer challenge!), singing and playing tennis. He also loves travelling and recently became a Grandfather!


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